Sport Science Creator Joining Forces With Pro Football Hall of Fame To Create The GOAT Code Series

Brinx.TV founder and The NIL House co-host John Brenkus, who is famously known as The Sport Science Guy, has announced plans to produce The Goat Code series, which will investigate the science behind athletic feats of Pro Football Hall of Fame members. 

Brinx.TV has announced a deal that will lead to Sport Science meeting the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

They’re teaming up to create a broadcast series called John Brenkus Presents: The GOAT Code. Brenkus, a six-time Emmy Award winner, is the creator of streaming service Brinx.TV and the TV series Sport Science, which aired originally on Fox Sports Networks (2007) before getting picked up by ESPN (2010). The award-winning program explored the science behind athletic feats.

The GOAT Code will have Brenkus looking into the science behind what make members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame stand out as football’s Greatest Of All Time.

“I’ve had the great fortune to analyze and put the world’s greatest current athletes to the test for more than 20 years,” Brenkus said. “Now, to be able to dive deep and bring to life the scientific and intangible qualities that made each player one of the greatest athletes during their era, and of all time, is a true honor.”

The GOAT Code is being developed as a result of a partnership between Brinx.TV and Hall of Fame Village Media, which is a division of the Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company — a 100-acre sports and entertainment complex centered around the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

“Hall of Fame Village Media is adding another modern element that each Hall of Famer can receive — their own segment scientifically illustrating the biological and physiological characteristics and practices that make each player truly a GOAT,” said Olivia Steier, Hall of Fame Village Media EVP and an executive producer on The GOAT Code series. “This partnership with John Brenkus and Brinx.TV will illuminate the legacy of the greatest in the game of football in a way that’s never been seen before.”


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